Actress Sarah Khan announces marriage plans


Mini-screen celebrity and popular drama actress Sarah Khan has revealed that she will be getting married soon.

In an interview with a news website, Sarah Khan revealed that she is going to get married soon and will soon surprise her fans with the final announcement.


The ‘Tum Meri Ho’ actress also added that she has opted for “arranged marriage”.

Answering questions about her career choices and her future as an actress, Sarah Khan maintained that she is anti-item songs and feels that the local industry only adopted the trend from Bollywood.

“We are actresses and we should do what we think others should do for they follow us,” she said while explaining her disdain for item songs.

She also spoke against a particular kind of dramas which “glorify women who bear injustices” while adding that she has plans to open a production house where she can produce dramas with empowered women as heroines.

About her favourite co-actors, she said that during her eight-year long televison career, she has worked with a number of great actors and actresses but feels that Nauman Ejaz, Bushra Ansari and Faisal Qureshi were the best among them.

In what can be termed the biggest news of her fan after her marriage plans, the actress made it clear that she only operates a single social media account i.e. on Instagram and that she has no Facebook or Twitter accounts.